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Federal Judge Issues Full Preliminary Injunctive Relief for Arizona Green Party in Voting Rights’ Case


Bernhoft Law sued the state of Arizona on behalf of the Arizona Green Party, alleging that several state ballot access laws violated the First Amendment’s constitutional guarantee of free political speech, expression, and association.

Bernhoft Law attorneys ¬†argued in Arizona federal court on Monday, January 11th, for preliminary injunctive relief against the state, and the federal district court granted their request by today’s order. The case will now move forward to the summary judgement stage, but in the meantime, any United States citizen can circulate ballot access petitions without having to be a resident of Arizona, and the court’s order also gives petition circulators 14 more days to collect the requisite number of signatures.

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Ballot Access News


On the 25th Anniversary of his influential “Ballot Access News,” publisher Richard Winger thanks and congratulates the Bernhoft Law Firm and Attorneys for their work on ballot access and election law issues.

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