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Bernhoft Law

The Bernhoft Law Firm, S.C. is a nationally-known boutique law firm headquartered in Austin,Texas, with branch offices in Los Angeles and Malibu, California. The Firm focuses on complex criminal and civil litigation in federal and state courts, with a specialty in complex tax matters. The Firm has litigated cases in courts in Wisconsin, California, Washington, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Maine, South Dakota, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, Montana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and Illinois. On the international side, the Firm has represented clients throughout Western Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Australia.

The Firm enjoys a geographically diverse practice, and has represented individuals and corporations in numerous high-profile matters. The Firm's successful representation of Wesley Snipes in the actor's 2008 Florida federal tax fraud and conspiracy trial has been widely reported. (Mr. Snipes was acquitted of all felony counts after a two-week jury trial.) The Firm has also represented consumer advocate and presidential candidate Ralph Nader in complex litigation involving ballot access issues.

In addition to criminal and civil litigation, the Firm has obtained unique results in the netherworld of investment fraud recovery, representing clients who have been the victims of sophisticated domestic and international fraudsters.

The Firm enjoys a robust reputation for its ability to provide intricate, high-profile criminal defense while being under the glare of the national media. Profiles of the Firm and its lawyers have appeared in numerous magazines and national newspapers, including Conde Nast's Portfolio, the New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times, among others.

The Firm's size allows it to give each client individualized attention from a team of uniquely creative and skilled legal counsel. The Firm prides itself on achieving rare results, whether it is nationally-featured criminal defense for those wrongly accused, reclaiming lost rights of the individual against the state, civil rights suits impacting the presidency of the United States, or recovering monies thought lost in some remote foreign jurisdiction.

The Bernhoft Law Firm was founded on the principle that a boutique white-collar criminal defense practice is capable of providing the best legal representation in any court at any time. We invite you to contact us.