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Robert G. Bernhoft

Attorney & Counselor at Law

Robert G. Bernhoft founded the Bernhoft Law Firm on April 3, 2001. The Firm took center stage immediately with Bernhoft arguing a complex, common law habeas corpus case before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. With a unique background in music, business and politics, Bernhoft’s accelerated legal career has taken him from state and federal courts across the country, and abroad to Romania, Switzerland, France, the Isle of Man, London and the Bahamas, with a focus on criminal tax and conspiracy defense, investment fraud recovery, and federal civil rights litigation.

Bernhoft has successfully defended two of the most significant federal tax/conspiracy prosecutions in the past several decades, obtaining acquittals on all federal felony counts for Joseph R. Banister (former IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent), and former FedEx captain Vernice Kuglin.

When international movie celebrity Wesley Snipes was accused of fathering a child out of wedlock, and forcible DNA extraction arrest warrants were issued against him by the New York City Family Court and the States of Indiana and New York, Snipes turned to Bernhoft for the creative litigation strategies that are the Bernhoft Firm’s hallmark. First performing the comprehensive factual investigation all of the state agencies refused, failed, or neglected to perform, Bernhoft went on to lead the litigation team that filed a federal civil rights suit in the Southern District of New York federal court that led to the complete withdrawal of the invasive arrest warrants. Snipes was subsequently vindicated when the state agencies were forced to reveal he had not fathered the child in question.

When powerful political interests conspired to keep Ralph Nader off the Wisconsin presidential ballot, Bernhoft filed an unusual publici juris common law original jurisdiction action in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In one of only 3 reported cases of its kind in the past 100 years, the Wisconsin High Court accepted original jurisdiction, and after expedited briefing and oral argument, ordered Nader’s name restored to the 2004 presidential ballot. The Bernhoft Firm continues to represent Nader in a ballot access lawsuit currently pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit based in San Francisco, California.

Bernhoft’s international investment fraud recovery experience positions him as one of the foremost fraud recovery litigators in the nation. Using an extensive global network of political, legal and investigative operatives, Bernhoft has engineered the recovery of significant “lost” sums – many times through “non-litigation” techniques where his political skills are instrumental in obtaining successful outcomes.

From state and federal tax/conspiracy defense to investment fraud recovery, civil tax defense, creative grand jury representation and civil rights litigation, Bernhoft is one of the premier litigators in the nation – the man people increasingly turn to when the stakes are high and conventional wisdom fails.

Bernhoft’s hand-picked team of skilled litigators, trial support staff and paralegals constitute a cutting-edge legal services model that leaves conventional legal practice behind: no associate attorneys pressed for billable hours, no bloated “partner” layer to interfere with efficient legal services delivery, and a high-technology mobility that meets the challenges of the globally evolving legal services environment.