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Joe Banister interviews Tad Lumpkin


Joe Banister, fomer IRS agent represented by Bernhoft Law and acquitted across the board on felony tax and conspiracy charges, interviews Tad Lumpkin on his radio podcast about Lumpkin’s film American Dream. The animated film takes an entertaining but informative look at crucial IRS and Federal Reserve issues, particularly in this unprecedented economic environment.

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On the Record


Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News live interview with Bernhoft Law attorneys immediately after Snipe’s acquittal verdict. This clip contains the entire on-camera interview. Greta points out how rare verdicts of this type are against the IRS and DOJ.
Setting The Stage

Prosecution Rests

A Stunning Development


On the Record

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FreedomFest Attendees Speak Out Against Tax System And Legal Practice


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The Real Estate Guy’s Interview


Since the dawn of the industry, the mantra in real estate has been, “location, location, location.”  However, investors working on domestic and international real estate deals often miss a critical step that could end up costing them money in the long run.  Benhoft Law suggests that real estate investors start to repeat the following mantra, “due diligence, due diligence, due diligence.”  In a nutshell, you are best served hiring an attorney to review your deal before signing.  Often unexpected hurdles are buried in seemingly benign, arcane contractese.  These interviews with The Real Estate Guys, and the partners of Bernhoft Law, should help you sort it all out before it hurts.

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Former IRS Special Agent to attend FreedomFest


A special message from Joe Banister to friends and supporters (pdf)

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