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The Bernhoft Law Firm sues the Arizona Secretary of State Again Over Unconstitutional Ballot Access Restrictions


“The Bernhoft Law Firm sued the Arizona Secretary of State in 2004 on behalf of presidential candidate Ralph Nader and others, over unconstitutional ballot access restrictions. After the federal district court ruled in Arizona’s favor in 2006, Nader appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. On July 9, 2008, in a decision widely haled as seminal for political choice and voting rights, a unanimous 9th Circuit ruled in Nader’s favor and overturned the district court’s decision and invalidated the constitutionally offensive state statutes. (See “Big Victory for Bernhoft Law in Nader Open Ballot Ruling”, July 20, 2008, on this page).

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Bernhoft Law’s Holiday Party makes the Los Angeles Business Journal (“Most Interesting Man in the World Sighting Confirmed”)


As reported in the Los Angeles Business Journal, Attorney Robert Bernhoft and his wife Vicki hosted the Bernhoft Law Firm’s annual Holiday Party at their new Malibu beach house on Saturday, December 5th. Jonathan Goldsmith, the famous “World’s Most Interesting Man” from the now-legendary Dos Equis commercials, attended, along with his lovely wife Barbara. Mr. and Mrs. Goldsmith were the guests of longtime Bernhoft friend and notable restaurateur John Vassallo.

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Robert Bernhoft to speak at ABA Tax Fraud conference in San Francisco.


Bernhoft to appear on “Successful Trial Strategies” panel to discuss his trial acquittals in the Kuglin, Banister, and Snipes cases.

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Preparing Returns: When a CPA is Not Enough


The Department of Justice claims it will increase criminal and civil investigations in 2009, especially for non-filing, non-compliant individuals. With the tax filing deadline fast approaching, the IRS wants filers to keep filing, while also encouraging non-filers to “return” to the system.

If you have not filed income tax returns for 1 year or several, one thing you must do – hire an experienced criminal tax attorney. Whether there’s a civil audit, a collection inquiry, or no contact whatsoever, your case can be referred for criminal prosecution. When there is a possibility of affirmative acts of evasion or a history of not filing, the risk is greater.

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Video Case Study: “The Unwinnable Case in the Impossible Place”


On February 1, 2008, Wesley Snipes and his lead trial attorneys at Bernhoft Law made worldwide headline news when an all-white jury in Ocala, Florida, found Snipes not guilty on all felony counts after a dramatic three-week trial.

It was a decision that caught legal “experts” throughout the country by complete surprise. They had predicted that Snipes would easily be convicted on the conspiracy and tax fraud felony counts, and face up to 16 years in prison. “It’s the unwinnable case in the impossible place,” cackled one cable news pundit.

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