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FreedomFest Attendees Speak Out Against Tax System And Legal Practice


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The Real Estate Guy’s Interview


Since the dawn of the industry, the mantra in real estate has been, “location, location, location.”  However, investors working on domestic and international real estate deals often miss a critical step that could end up costing them money in the long run.  Benhoft Law suggests that real estate investors start to repeat the following mantra, “due diligence, due diligence, due diligence.”  In a nutshell, you are best served hiring an attorney to review your deal before signing.  Often unexpected hurdles are buried in seemingly benign, arcane contractese.  These interviews with The Real Estate Guys, and the partners of Bernhoft Law, should help you sort it all out before it hurts.

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Former IRS Special Agent to attend FreedomFest


A special message from Joe Banister to friends and supporters (pdf)

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Rule #1 When You’re An Executive Targeted by the Feds: Don’t Trust Your Company — Ask Fabrice Tourre of Goldman Sachs


As Goldman Sachs executives go under the investigative knife (with the requisite and repeated improper public disclosures of private inquiries, a common phenomenon with a Department of Justice that doesn’t even live by its own rules), they have already made one critical error: trusting the company they work for.

As reported today in Bloomberg News, the 31 year old banker “at the center” of the inquiry, Fabrice Tourre, faces increased scrutiny from criminal investigators due to his sworn and public comments concerning the matter. As another former prosecutor admits, doing what Tourre has done — comment publicly and under oath about the facts of the case — has already and will “seriously curtail” the ability for Tourre to even “find running room” to defend himself against future criminal charges. So why did he do it?

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