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Investment Fraud Recovery


We Take the Legal, Financial, and Political Steps to Get Your Money Back

Investment fraud has become increasingly complex, with American citizens losing tens of billions of dollars every year in schemes hatched by sophisticated con artists who often have ties to international crime syndicates.

Many law firms, after charging a hefty fee to “analyze” your dilemma, will tell you they can do nothing to recover your assets.

The Bernhoft Recovery Team is different. Leveraging our global network of political, legal, and investigative operatives, we have successfully recovered substantial amounts of our clients’ money. We understand how to pierce the veils of secrecy in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, and other foreign locales where stolen funds are often hidden. Unlike the “do-nothing law firms,” we’ve never had a client walk away without a sizeable recovery.

Understandably, many victims of investment fraud are embarrassed, so they hesitate in trying to recover their money. But every moment you delay greatly reduces your chance of success. Trying to recover money on your own or hiring a low-rent private investigator can be even worse. Usually that just tips off the fraudster, making him scurry to place even more layers between you and your money.

The Bernhoft Recovery Team gives you the greatest chance of restitution because of our powerful global network, our extensive experience in fraud cases ranging from $1 million to $20 million or more, and our proven, methodical approach to recovery. With Bernhoft as your advocate, you can count on a comprehensive strategic and tactical plan to get your money back:

Complete Attorney-Client Protection. Typically, funds are recovered through non-litigation approaches. However, you benefit from having our attorney-client privilege extend to investigators and others working on your recovery. The information we find is shielded from government prosecutors and other civil litigants who are after the fraudster. That protects your reputation and prevents information leaks that may reduce the amount you can recover.

Strongest Investigative Network. Our hard-charging investigators are former federal special agents with extensive experience and impressive track records in hunting down fraudsters, as well as networks of “nose-to-the-ground” operatives in foreign terrains who understand the unique political situations in those regions. We can determine who is shielding the fraudster and find ways around their protection. Because our people are the best at uncovering information about fraudsters, we are the best at pinpointing the strongest pressure points to apply to make them return your money. There is simply no substitute for complete factual mastery of the fraudster’s psychological, financial, legal, and political circumstances. Armed with this information, we have persuaded many fraudsters to return the full amount of our client’s assets “voluntarily.” Within the bounds of law, we are not afraid to deploy the most aggressive approaches for our clients.

Sophisticated Legal Strategy. If we have to take your case to court – either in the United States or a foreign jurisdiction – we have the knowledge and ability to use the most sophisticated legal maneuvers to recover your funds. We employ techniques like Mareva Injunctions, court orders that prevent the fraudster from disposing of your funds before the case is adjudicated; and Anton Piller Orders, which allow us to search private residences and seize evidence without warning to the fraudster. We are intimately familiar with the most effective legal strategies in recovery – and know when and how to exercise them for your maximum benefit.

Most of all, with the Bernhoft Recovery Team at your side.

You Don’t Need to Feel Helpless Anymore.

Investment fraud is perpetrated by con artists who prey on your emotions and leave you feeling stranded, helpless, enraged or ashamed. At this crucial moment, when fast action is paramount, you literally can’t afford to be paralyzed or indecisive – you need to turn immediately to a trusted advisor who can negotiate the tricky legal, financial, and political landscape of fraud recovery for you.

Even if the fraud was committed inside the United States, at least some funds are usually sent overseas in immediate electronic transfers. Whatever the specifics of the fraud you suffered, and wherever it occurred, you need a law firm that has a proven ability to wade through the byzantine area of multi-jurisdictional legal concerns.

In short, you need the Bernhoft Recovery Team.

No fraudster should be above the law or beyond the reach of your legal remedy. With Bernhoft Law as your advocate, a fraudster will face the full force and relentless pressure of our highly-skilled recovery team, as we employ the most effective strategies and tactics to trace and retrieve your misappropriated assets. We can assist in investment fraud recovery in many areas, including:

  • Accountant Fraud
  • Boiler Room Sales Practices
  • Disappearing Funds
  • Failures of Execution
  • Fraudulent Research
  • Internet Fraud
  • Junk Bonds
  • Misrepresentations
  • Offshore Investment Fraud
  • Oil and Gas Investment Fraud
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Promissory Note Scams
  • Securities Fraud
  • Stockbroker Malpractice
  • Mail Fraud
  • Unregistered Brokers
  • Unregistered Securities
  • Unsuitable Investments
  • Unauthorized Transactions

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