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Marchelletta Case Documents Rule 33

Rule 33 Motion for New Trial

Memorandum in Support of Motion for New Trial

Rule 33 Motion for a New Trial

Bernhoft Declaration

Pearson Declaration

Rea Declaration

Nankali Declaration

Ronis Declaration

Logan Declaration

Notice of Audio Tape Filing


Ex 01_IRS Form 9131

Ex 02_Government Discovery Letter

Ex 03_Government Discovery Letter

Ex 04_SA Sellers Boston MOC

Ex 05_US Customs Report

Ex 06_US Customs Memphis Report #1

Ex 07_US Customs Memphis Report #2

Ex 08_US Customs Memphis Report #3

Ex 09_US Customs Memphis Report #4

Ex 10_US Customs Altanta Report #1

Ex 11_US Customs Altanta Report #2

Ex 12_US Customs Altanta Report #3

Ex 13_US Customs Altanta Report #4

Ex 14_US Customs Altanta Report #5

Ex 15_US Customs Altanta Report #6

Ex 16_US Customs Altanta Report #7

Ex 17_US Customs Miami Report #1

Ex 18_US Customs Miami Report #2

Ex 19_US Customs Miami Report #3

Ex 20_US Customs Miami Report #4

Ex 21_US Customs Miami Report #5

Ex 22_US Customs Miami Report #6

Ex 23_US Customs Miami Report #7

Ex 24_US Customs Forged Composite Report

Ex 25_US Customs TECS II Report

Ex 26_IRS 4930 Report_01-09-02

Ex 27_IRS 4930 Report_07-01-02

Ex 28_IRS 4930 Report_09-23-02

Ex 29_IRS 4930 Report_12-18-02

Ex 30_IRS Progress Report_04-30-03

Ex 31_Customs SA Sellers Email

Ex 32_IRS FOIA Complaint Exhibit

Ex 33_IRS FOIA Complaint Exhibit

Ex 34_IRS FOIA Complaint Exhibit

Ex 35_IRS FOIA Complaint Exhibit

Ex 36_IRS Quick Investigative Summary

Ex 37_IRS SA Bergstrom FOIA Declaration

Ex 38_IRS FOIA Complaint Declaration

Ex 39_Gorman Immunity Letter

Ex 40_IRS FOIA Disclosure_Crabapple

Ex 41_IRS FOIA Disclosure_Newport

Ex 42_Union Newsletter 1st Quarter 2005

Ex 43_Union Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2005

Ex 44_IRS Special Agent’s Report

Ex 45_IRS 4930 Report_04-29-03

Ex 46_IRS 4930 Report_06-02-04

Ex 47_IRS 4930 Report_09-27-04

Ex 48_IRS 4930 Report_12-21-04

Ex 49_IRS 4930 Report_11-14-05

Ex 50_CPA Schwartz Grand Jury Subpoena

Ex 51_IRS Bostick Interview Memo

Ex 52_IRS Young Interview Memo

Ex 53_IRS McKoy Interview Memo

Ex 54_IRS Unknown Interview Memo

Ex 55_IRS Unknown Interview Memo

Ex 56_IRS Thomas Interview Memo

Ex 57_IRS CPA Schwartz Interview Memo

Ex 58_IRS Whitcomb Interview Memo

Ex 59_IRS McDonough Interview Memo

Ex 60_Attorneys Email

Ex 61_IRS Orleski Interview Memo

Ex 62_IRS Greene Interview Memo

Ex 63_IRS Thomas Interview Memo

Ex 64_US Customs Atty Abbey Interview Memo

Ex 65_Attorney-Witness Email

Ex 66_IRS SA Bergstrom’s 2nd FOIA Declaration

Ex 67_Grand Jury Information Letter

Ex 68_IRS Circle File Documents

Ex 69_OCDEFT-LECC Contact Sheet

Ex 70_Bank Signature Card

Ex 71_IRS File Documents